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Techniques of Surviving in a Desert

To begin with; a desert is a large tract of land covered with soil. Deserts are known to be barren with no or little vegetation cover. The climate of deserts is either very hot climates or very cold climates. The surface of the earth that is covered by deserts is equal to one-third. It is ironical that deserts are fascinating natural features but also very hostile. People journey to deserts to experience a change of life. It is possible to get stuck in the middle of deserts sometimes. In addition, you may decide to walk, surprisingly, you will never reach the end of a desert. However, your hopes should not be brought down. In the middle of nowhere, your car breaks down. Whenever you face these tricky situations, do not panic. Always have this at the back of your mind. Instead, keep calm, think fast and come up with the most appropriate solutions.

This article will discuss techniques to survive in desert environments. Very high temperatures are experienced in desert environments during the daytime. Temperatures rise to forty degrees at times. Chances are that, you get thirsty when the temperatures go high. Water evaporates from your body at a very faster rate. Cover your whole body by use of light clothes to control evaporation. Some other clothing you should put on include sunglasses, a cap, and light gloves. Never expose your body to the sun by removing your clothes. This only increases the rate at which your body will sweat. To control dehydration, do not take all the water you have at once. The The chances are that you may never find an alternative source of water. This means that you should regulate the intake of water by taking two or three sips after a span of time.

Deserts experience very cold temperatures during the night. In addition, strong winds are experienced. This is due to the fact that the large barren lands do not have vegetation or trees growing. To protect yourself against cold and the wind, make a fire. Note that you should be aware of desert techniques of lighting a fire. Apart from consoling you, lighting a fire will keep dangerous animals away. Threats of strong winds can be avoided by sheltering yourself in a tent. Food is also another problem experienced in desert environments. One factor that makes one thirsty is eating. Eating heavy foods will require tough digestions. Eating bulky food will not only make you sleepy but also lazy. Light food with high contents of energy will not only give you energy but also result to easy digestion.
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Be armed with safety tools all the time. You will need several tools as you journey across a desert. Examples of those tools include; a rope, a lot of water, knife, first aid kit, painkillers, water bottles, matchbox, blankets among others. Chances are that you will need these tools one way or another.Doing Options The Right Way