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Four Important Facts About CBD CBD, or cannabidiol, is rapidly changing discussions on the use of marijuana as medicine. Majority of people have learned about a chemical called THC, the ingredient found in marijuana that gives users a high. But only recently, attention has moved to another compound in the hemp plant called CBD — and for several good reasons. For one, as doctors can’t dismiss certain THC side effects, CBD doesn’t come with the same problem. Evidence of CBD’s health advantages, on the other hand, continues to mount. Below are four facts about CBD you must know about this distinctive compound:
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1. CBD is a major ingredient in the cannabis plant.
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CBD is one of more than 60 compounds that exist in cannabis, all belonging to a set of molecules named cannabinoids. Among such compounds, CBD and THC are often present in the greatest concentrations, and are thus the most recognized and researched. The levels of both CBD and THC tend to differ among various plants. If marijuana is grown for recreation, it is expected to have greater THC content than CBD. But, by applying selective breeding methods, cannabis breeders have produced varieties that come with high CBD levels and nearly zero THC levels. Such strains are uncommon but have increased in popularity in the last few years. 2. CBD produces no psychoactive effects. CBD does not make users high, unlike THC. Although CBD is a poor choice for recreational users, it provides significant advantage as a medicinal drug and hasminimal side effects. CBD is not psychoactive as it makes no effect on CB1 receptors, which are the pathways that are responsible for THC’s mind-altering effects. Based on a 2011 review published in Current Drug Safety. studies have proven that CBD remains safe and even in high doses. 3. CBD offers a great array of medical benefits. Based on a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have shown evidence on the following medical properties of CBD: > Antiemetic > Anticonvulsant > Antipsychotic > Anti-inflammatory > Anti-oxidant > Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer > Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant More research is ongoing on CBD’s development as epilepsy, schizophrenia and breast cancer treatment. 4. CBD limits the adverse effects of THC. CBD has shown a natural tendency to fight the marijuana high. Many studies hint that CBD offsets THC’s intoxicating effects, including memory loss and paranoia. CBD also looks like it cancels out the sleep-inducing effects of THC, shedding light on some strains of cannabis being linked to increased alertness. Neither CBD nor THC has been connected to any case of lethal overdose. However, to limit probable side effects, medical users must stick to cannabis with greater levels of CBD. Of course, not all CBD suppliers are created equal, especially online where the industry is unregulated. If you intend to buy CBD online, be sure to do your homework to avoid wasting your cash.