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E-Cigarettes: A Way to Quit Smoking

In the past, people were advertised of the coolness of smoking a cigarette, and it was dubbed the next big thing, not soon after, people were smoking here and there. However, these people would later come to know that cigarettes were bad for them and brought with them a whole bag of illnesses such as mouth and throat cancer, emphysema, and lung cancer, these findings broadcasted by scientists all over the world. And since these turning of tides, people have been searching for other alternatives to help them quit as these findings have never since been debunked. Tobacco companies in turn have been constantly inventing and innovating smoking alternatives, producing results such as nicotine patches, to nicotine gums.

The newest product in the market is e-cigarettes (abbreviated as e-cigs) and have had people switching over to it. These products are made to look exactly like actual cigarettes (or at least something closely resembling them), they actually emit smoke even though it is only vapor and the best thing is, they do not contain any tobacco at all. The harmful carcinogens that are present in actual cigarettes are not present in the smoke that users in hale from e- cigs, but the vapor they breathe in still has nicotine in it.

One major sales talk of many e- cig companies are that people don’t last too long in using nicotine gums and patches because the feeling of inhaling smoke through a cigarette- like appendage is missing, and also nicotine hits you much faster through inhaling.

The inside of an electronic cigarette contains a fuel cartridge containing the nicotine itself. As the user inhales through the mouthpiece, an atomizer (battery-fueled, small in size) heats the nicotine fluid from the cartridge and turns it into vapor. This method ensures that the nicotine hit is delivered instantaneously as opposed to nicotine patches and gums.

The nicotine cartridges themselves come in different qualities to help users stop smoking, such as extra strength (10%) to low strength (2%) to zero nicotine content. As users start at the highest possible setting to ease their shift from smoking to e- cigarettes, they gradually taper off their usage to the lowest nicotine content and then eventually, taper to zero and stop smoking.

When replacing cigarettes with e-cigs, one may worry at first about the cost of buying a new one, but in all actuality you actually save in the long run because the continued purchase of sticks and packs of cigarettes will cost you a lot of money as they tend to last only a day or less while an e- cig cartridge will not run out for a week tops.

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